About Us

Our Story

Georgia Giles-Jones and Bernard Jones met in 2010 while attending Business Management classes at St. Paul College. Georgia is a St. Paul native and has strong St. Paul family roots that date back to over 8 decades. Bernard was raised in Michigan but has been an active resident for over 15 years.

Georgia and Bernard both grew up around and witnessed firsthand addiction and the negative impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. Their entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping individuals looking for another chance at life inspired them to open a sober house.

In 2015 Georgia and Bernard took the leap and decided to transform their own home into their first recovery home (Central House), followed by opening an additional sober home in 2017 (Blair House). Georgia and Bernard’s love for St. Paul and the recovery community keeps them committed to growing their business.

Starting a few years ago, Georgia and Bernard started helping individuals successfully open and manage recovery homes of their own as well as establish a foundation for a successful business.

When COVID-19 hit it was important for recovery home owners to remember they are truly essential and needed more than ever during this influx of worry, isolation and change. It became the perfect time for Georgia and Bernard to expand Central Village Housing, and create CVH Recovery.

CVH Recovery encompasses our Recovery Homes, Recovery Home Operator Course, Recovery Home Coaching, Recovery Home Audit, and group membership. This isn’t only the next step in Georgia and Bernard’s business, but an exciting venture for the couple themselves!

Georgia and Bernard launched their first eCouse March of 2021!

This Recovery Home Operator e-Course will be a self-pace training on how to properly open, set-up, and manage a recovery home. Once completed, you will have gained the needed skills, resources, education and confidence to be able to operate and manage a reputable recovery home business.

In July on 2021, Georgia and Bernard decided to change the name of Central Village Housing. The Amor Recovery Housing is the new Central Village Housing, We changed our name. Why, because we want to be very MINDFUL of the whole recovery journey process. We still provide the same great recovery environment. After having our homes for 6 years and being part of our residents recovery journey and making lifelong relationships. It was Amor (LOVE) that holds the special ingredient of RECOVERY. And that is why we decided to change our name to, Amor Recovery Housing!

Check Out CVH Recovery to Learn More About Operating Your Own Recovery Home!

Meet Our House Manager!

We’re Proud to Have Someone as Incredible As Anita on Our Team.

Ms. Anita Easley was born in Clinton, Kentucky. She relocated to Minnesota in 1989 but after spending several years stuck in the cycle of addiction, she began her recovery journey on April 2nd, 2017. Ms. Easley completed a thirteen-month residential treatment program. After graduating, she transitioned to community-based living with Amor Recovery Housing. It didn’t take long for her dedication and perseverance to show through and she earned the position of Housing Manager with us! Ms. Easley takes great pride in her work and believes that being a Housing Manager is much more than just a job; it represents accountability, responsibility, and leadership. Ms. Easley has had her share of challenges, but she views each challenge as an opportunity for growth. Maintaining a strong spiritual foundation, leading by example, and keeping her recovery principles at the forefront has allowed her to remain sober and healthy. Ms. Easley enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time at the pool. She is committed to sharing her experience with residents and giving back in any way she can., this includes feeding the homeless, sponsoring women in recovery who are learning to live a better life without using alcohol and drugs, like her.