About Us

Georgia’s Story

Georgia Giles is a St. Paul native and has strong St. Paul family roots that date back to over 8 decades. Georgia grew up around and witnessed firsthand addiction and the negative impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping individuals looking for another chance at life inspired her to open a recovery house.

In 2015 Georgia took the leap and decided to transform her own home into her first recovery home (Central House), followed by opening an additional recovery home in 2017 (Blair House). Georgia’s love for St. Paul and the recovery community keeps her committed to growing Amor Recovery Housing.

Georgia started helping individuals successfully open and manage recovery homes of their own as well as establish a foundation for a successful business.

Amor Recovery Housing (ARH) is the new Central Village Housing (CVH). We changed our name because we wanted a name that reflects what we do, but also how we do it. Amor is the Spanish word for Love. Amor Recovery Housing still provides the same quality recovery environment. Over the past six years, we had the privilege of joining hundreds on their recovery journey. The secret ingredient IS love. We poured unconditional love into every resident who has walked through our doors. For this reason, Central Village Housing is now Amor Recovery Housing.

ARH is focused on providing the best opportunity for long-term success by centering recovery. While sobriety is the process of eliminating drugs and alcohol from one’s life, the process of recovery is adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes addressing core hurts, preparing relationships, accountability, and developing the necessary skills needed to navigate life. ARH is more than just sobriety.

Amor Recovery Housing homes are in Saint Paul, with easy access to public transportation, shopping, and grocery stores. We know the multitude of obstacles women face while trying to get their life back on track.

In 2020, when COVID-19 devastated the nation recovery housing was needed more than ever. Substance use, mental health, isolation, and uncertainty were at an all-time high. It became the perfect time for Georgia to expand Central Village Housing and create CVH Recovery.CVH Recovery encompasses our Recovery Homes, Recovery Home Operator Course, Recovery Home Coaching, Recovery Home Audits, and group membership. Georgia launched her first eCouse in March of 2021. The Recovery Home Operator eCourse is a self-paced training on how to properly open, set up, and manage a recovery home. Once completed, you will have gained the needed skills, resources, education, and confidence to be able to operate and manage a reputable recovery home business.

Check Out CVH Recovery to Learn More About Operating Your Own Recovery Home!

Meet our House Lead!!!!!

Blair and Peaches

My name is Blair and I am a recovering alcoholic addict. My dog Peaches and I are lucky enough to help out at Amor Recovery Housing. I was born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, and I moved to Denver, Colorado and lived there for seven years while in active addiction. Once I accepted and surrendered to the fact that I was an addict and could no longer live in the hold of my substances of choice I went to inpatient treatment at Hazelden in Minnesota. While there it became clear to me that a healthy environment was crucial to recovery, I realized both of the places I had called home where no longer healthy to return to. I chose Amor Recovery Housing because they had a house named the Blair house, and I saw it as a sign from my higher power that this was the place I needed to be. I couldn’t have picked a better home for recovery, and now I am fortunate enough to be house lead! The thing I love the most about being house lead is that I get to be a part of cultivating a healthy home, and I get to watch women succeed and grow in their recovery. I am so blessed! A word of advice I would give is that recovery is possible in the right setting, and YOU can do this! Without Amor Recovery Housing fighting my addiction would have been near impossible, but with the help of sober housing I found my strength. Peaches and I found so much more than a place to live in recovery, we found a home.


Peaches brings so much light and love to Amor Recovery Housing. She is very in tune with emotions and offers her love on both good and bad days! Her favorite thing to do is sleep, but she also enjoys sunbathing, playing with her “babies”, and making new friends. Her favorite snack is any treat her mom buys her, and she gets more than enough living with so many amazing women.